Quality, Compassionate Care

Quality, Compassionate Care

Our mission is to provide an alternative, natural way of healing without using industrialized pharmaceuticals.

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Cannabis and Healing

We offer a broad array of cannabis products geared to address wellness and injuries. Our team will guide you through your options to make sure that you are comfortable with your choices.

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You've Got This - A YES Brainer!!!

You’ve Got This – A YES Brainer!!!

The endocannabinoid system (ECS) is a biological system. Endocannabinoids bind to cannabinoid receptors/proteins that are expressed throughout our central nervous system (including the brain).

In other words it’s part of our DNA!

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Full Spectrum CBD Oil
Pet Drops





The active component of the hemp plant, cannabinoids, have been reported to inhibit tumor growth and kill cancer cells in lab testings. Many state positive results from CBD products.

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Seizures, Calming & Sleep

Cannabidol (CBD) contains antispasmodic qualities which have been known to relax muscles and to be an effective treatment for some  sufferers of seizures. CBD has been reported as a stress reliever and sleep-aid, too.

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Seizures, Calming & Sleep
Chronic Health Issues

Chronic Health Issues

CBD Testimonials from around the world speak of relief from chronic pain caused by diabetes, cancer, MS, HIV, asthma, allergies, eczema, arthritis, depression, anxiety, acne, heart disease and many others. CBD can be a way to treat pain without the use of addictive pharmaceutical medications. There are numerous positive results that CBD may provide a safe, natural and powerful relief for many health issues.

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Ever heard the phrase “a rising tide raises all ships”? At hempSMART, you may be in business “for yourself” but you’ll never be “by yourself.” Our hempSMART Family mission is to impact lives everywhere, together, hand in hand.



Chronic Health Issues

I am Robert Rosenthal, and I have run a number of businesses over the years; hotels, night clubs, a couple of Burger Kings and even a residential cleaning company.

About 10 years ago I started helping small business owners grow their businesses using great follow up practices including tangible touches to build better relationships using greeting cards, and my business partner Andrea Koochin helps me with that. For more details about that visit us at our website www.PhDinFollowUp.com.

But several months ago I developed a pain in my leg and it would not go away. I used all my usual pain relief methods like massage, acupuncture, pain killers and even hypnosis, but this persistent pain would just not budge.

Then a friend gave me a little pot of Hempsmart Pain Cream, I applied it to my leg and a few days later the pain was actually gone. That blew me away, so of course I had to start in this business. That was a no-brainer. I want to help others get such awesome results as well.

Chronic Health Issues

Liliana is an Occupational Therapist with over 20 years experience as a rehab therapist in traditional medicine, specializing in neurology and orthopedic medicine. She is the owner of HealthTouch in Temecula, CA – a Myofascial Release practice specializing in resolving issues of muscle pain from both injury and overuse. She has done clinical and community education for the National Arthritis Foundation and has been a teaching assistant at Scripps, La Jolla in California. For more information about the services her clinic provides visit her website at www.healthtouchpainrelief.com. Focused on health and well-being, she encourages the use of Hempsmart CBD products as a organic and natural means to achieve optimal health and relieve pain and inflammation.

hempSMART is…

  • One of the largest companies to take a stand for consumer access to the highest quality of hemp derived products and technological innovations.
  • A scientifically driven company that dedicates itself to the development of CBD-based nutritional products.
  • Specifically designed to support normal bodily functions such as energy, neurogenesis, flexibility, and overall wellness.
  • Committed to deliver one of the worlds first-to-market, clinically validated, high-quality CBD-based products through direct distribution at a competitive price.
  • Positioned to be THE leader of the next major break through in the Wellness Industry.


“As a Manual Therapist, the comfort of my hands are very important. After experiencing some stiffness and pain in the joints and tendons of my hands, one application of the CBD pain cream was all that was needed to restore comfort to my hands. I’m good to go!

Joe F., San Diego, CA

“CDB oil has been instrumental in my rapid recovery for post gym workouts. Cutting the pain from inflammation and expediting repairs. Good food for body and mind.”

Aaron B., Los Angeles, CA

“I was introduced to hempSMART pain cream and became sold. I can now walk my dog and sleep at night. I began trying all their products and have found remarkable results, couldn’t live without them. I am grateful. “

Lorena N., Los Angeles, CA

“I have been using CBD oil for about five months. I use it on my toes for spasms and pain. My husband also has been using CBD oil because he has had some pain in his leg and in his ankle, so that has been successful with him. I also have another friend who has used it in his knee and has success.  Also, recently, my son has been taking the brain pills and we are excited to see the results from that.”

Denise W., Los Angeles, CA

“Thank you for introducing me to hempSMART. I have been using the pain cream for 7 months and do see a difference in joint pain and sleepiness! I look forward to seeing more future products!”

Pamela C., Los Angeles, CA

“I am such a believer in the benefits of CBD oil! I was able to wean myself off of my anxiety meds with the help of CBD. Being a runner, I use to suffer from joint pain but have found the CBD pain cream to help tremendously. I even use the bacon flavored CBD for my dog, she is getting older and it helps her run and jump like she use to when she was a puppy!”

Temple H., Los Angeles, CA


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